Stampin' Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit Ideas

Video Tutorial & 5 Card Ideas With The Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit

In today's post, I share a video demonstrating how to make this card using Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus card kit. I also share 4 more card designs created with the left-over pieces.
Picture of a card with a lemon on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card Kit

One of my favorite “fruits” of all time, is the most sour fruit of all…the lemon.

I love absolutely everything about it. The color, the shape, the texture, and even the taste.

Yes…I am one of those weird people who’ll drink fresh lemon juice straight 😂.

Now, in my defense, that’s not something I make a habit of. It’s only when I add fresh lemon juice to something else, and there is leftovers, that I’ll drink it straight.

So of course, when I saw a card kit that was all about lemons, I just HAD to buy it.

It’s funny because the colors in the card kit – yellows, greens, and blues – are not ones that I usually work with. Together at least.

Individually I love all those colors, but I’ve never really mixed them on a card before.

*insert choir of singing angels* 😇😇😇🎶🎶🎶

Turns out, I absolutely LOVE this combo.

Before I dive into my cards, why don’t we take a quick look at the kit?

Introducing the Simply Citrus Card Kit

Picture of all the elements in the Stampin' Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the box. Isn’t that stinkin’ cute? I’m a sucker for white patterns on Kraft paper.

Now I don’t know what I’m going to do with the box, but I’m not throwing it away or giving it away, because I’m sure I can figure something out 😂.

In addition to the super cute box, there is the material to make 15 cards – along with instructions for 5 different card designs (instructions not shown in the picture).

Disclaimer: I NEVER use the instructions.

Why? I like to pull apart all the components and come up with my own designs.

And that is what I am going to show you today. I created 5 different cards really only using the supplies in the kit, plus some Whisper White regular and thick cardstock.

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Cards

Here’s a quick snapshot of all the cards I made.

A series of 5 cards with lemons on them created using Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card Kit

My first step was to cut all the note cards in half. That left me with 5 solid CS panels, and 5 patterned CS panels.

I have a video tutorial showing you how to make the top left card. All the rest of the cards were created using the left-over pieces (plus one extra piece from the kit).

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit – Card 1 | Video Tutorial

Picture of a card with a lemon on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card KitSo here is a closer look at Card 1.

I did a FB live on my Make Beautiful Cards FB page demonstrating how to make this card. It was my first time making cards live.

It was a little nerve-wracking, but fun.

If you are interested in joining live then please be sure to like my page, and then turn notifications on. My plan is to go live every Tuesday around 11 AM EST (except for the last Tuesday of August as I am out of town on vacay).

In my weekly videos (including this one) I’ll be showing you I show you how I use a card as inspiration, turn it into a sketch, and then work from the sketch.

As I mentioned earlier, the “papers” I used for this card were the notecards from the kit pictured earlier in this post. Rather than using them as cards, I cut them apart and used them as patterned paper instead.

So now that you’ve seen how I created this card, let me show you the other cards I created:

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit | Card 2

Picture of a card with a lemon on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card KitFor this second card – see the thin yellow frame? Well, when I die-cut the yellow panel for card 1, I made sure to align my die close to the top and left edge. About ⅛” away from each edge.

That way I could trim the leftover piece to create the open frame for this card.

The lemon paper rectangle is the exact same size as the one on the first card.

I cut three of these rectangles in all, making sure to position them in such a way that I could use the negative space. Two of the rectangles were cut one beside the other. For the remaining one, I had to rotate the paper and cut the rectangle in the other direction.

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit | Card 3

Picture of a card with a couple of lemons on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card KitThis third card in my Simply Citrus card series uses the third of the lemon patterned paper stitched rectangles.

I also cut a strip off the side of the yellow piece that I used to die cut the frame (from cards 1 and 2).

To come up with my card designs, I basically worked with the pieces that I had.

I played around with arrangements and position, until I found a composition that was pleasing to the eye.

The label on which I built the greeting and focal image for this card was larger than the one I used for the previous two cards. With only one lemon, there was a lot of white space. Which is why I ended up adding in the second lemon.

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit | Card 4

Picture of a card with a lemon on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card KitDo you remember when I mentioned that I cut three stitched rectangles out of the one piece of lemon paper (size: 4 ¼” x 5 ½”)?

Two of the rectangles were cut side by side. This created a double rectangle frame. I trimmed around the edges of that frame to create card 5.

That left me with a piece of lemon paper that looked kind of like an elongated polaroid frame. I trimmed down the one side so that the frame was the same width as on the other edge. I then used that on the card you see here.

As for the yellow paper, I didn’t have enough of the striped yellow paper left to create this strip. So, I took the solid side and stamped the cut lemon onto it in Whisper White craft ink, to create a tone on tone effect.

Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit | Card 5

Picture of a card with a couple of lemons on it. The card was created with Stampin' Up!'s Simply Citrus Card KitThat brings me to the fifth and final card.

This is the card I created with the double frame.

This card was a little more challenging because I had two open areas to work with.

I decided to fill the top rectangle with lemons, and the bottom one with the last little strip of the yellow striped paper I had.

With this card, I had a lot of fun playing with angles. As you can see, the frame is on an angle, and both the rectangular pieces inside the frame, are also on an angle. A different angle than the frame.

Because the greeting didn’t fill out that yellow patterned paper piece, and it looked empty, I added in the twine and some flowers.

In Conclusion

So there you have it friends! Five cards using just a few pieces from the Simply Citrus Card Kit.

Best of all? I have a ton of pieces left, so I can create a LOT more cards.

The Winner of Last Week’s Whale Done Give-Away

In last week’s post, I announced that I would be giving away one of the cards (winner’s choice) I created with the Whale Done stamp set.  As promised, today I am announcing the winner…..

Picture of two cards created with Stampin' Up!'s Whale Done stamp set

Drumroll please…..

The winner is Heidi May! Heidi, please email me at with “Whale Done Winner” in the subject line. And be sure to include your full mailing address so I can mail that card out to you!

Screenshot of winning comment for the whale done card giveaway

Simply Citrus Kit Card Giveaway

And now friends, it’s time for another giveaway!

Today I am giving away one of the Simply Citrus Cards I created. Leave me a comment letting me know which one you would like to win and why it’s your favorite.

I will post the winner in next week’s blog post!

Giveaway open worldwide!

5 thoughts on “Video Tutorial & 5 Card Ideas With The Stampin’ Up! Simply Citrus Card Kit”

  1. First of all biiiiig congrats to Heidi winning “MY” darling whale here ha ha, next it´s really hard to pick one for another of these lovely cards, as I really honestly like them all, and I would be really happy with anyone of these, so if I need to pick one for another let me just say 4as it´s not the last one and not the first one ha ha ha.

  2. I find you tutorials very mind blowing! The card making ideas really stretch my creativity. Also, how you teach us to make more out of what we have to increase our card count is awesome! Thank you, Sherrie

  3. Love your use of the kit. The way you cut your paper makes so much sense and keeps down the waste. Thank you for sharing your talent and designs.

  4. I love the idea of using the kit notecards as patterned paper (I’ve done this myself). You’re colouring is lovely and all of your cards are great. My favourite is definitely #1 – I really like the balance of colour and the sentiment feature. I’m tempted to get this kit after seeing your cards!

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