How to Make Patterned Paper Using Stamps, Ink and Paper


Technique Video | How to Make Your Own Patterned Paper

In this technique video, you'll learn how to make your own handmade patterned paper using stamps, ink and paper. In this video I use Stampin' Up!'s Lovely You stamp set and an assortment of bright colors of ink.
Picture of handmade patterned paper and the ink pads used to make the paper

Have you ever gotten stuck while making a card, because you wanted to add a little something extra, but didn’t have the right color of patterned paper? Or maybe you just didn’t have a pattern that complimented your card design?

Well friends, with today’s video tutorial, you’ll never end up in that situation again.

Why? Because I’m going to show you how easy it is to create your very own patterned paper.

Here is what you are going to need…

Supplies For Making Your Own Patterned Paper

There are three categories of supplies that you are going to need in order to make patterned paper.

A Stamp Set With Small Images

When looking through your stamp set collection, look for sets that have small images. I like to choose stamps in a variety of different sizes. This makes it much easier to ensure that you don’t end up with a lot of odd “white spaces” scattered throughout the pattern that you create.

Now technically you could use medium or even large stamps. However, the larger the stamp, the harder it is to create any kind of pattern. And that’s because each stamp takes up so much space, you can’t fit many images onto your paper.

My new go-to favorite set for making patterned paper is Stampin’ Up!’s Lovely You stamp set.

Stampin' Up! Lovely You Stamp Set. A stamp set containing a mix of greetings and small botanical solid image stamps.The reason I love this stamp set so much is that it has a great variety of images to work with. And the images meet the criteria I mentioned above. Not too big, and in varying sizes.

While this is a great stamp set to make patterned paper with, it’s also just a great stamp set to make cards with.

It has a huge selection of greetings. And I love that the greetings combine a regular sans serif font with a script font.

I also love that the images are solid images. No coloring needed!

Although I love coloring, when I’m looking for a stamp set to make a quick and easy card, I always turn to sets with solid image stamps.

A Selection of Ink Colors

The next thing you are going to need is a selection of ink colors that match the colors of the card you are working on, or want to create.

For my patterned paper, I used the following colors of Stampin’ Up!’s Classic ink (a dye-based ink): Melon Mambo, Flirty Flamingo, Mango Melody, Granny Apple Green, Coastal Cabana, and Pretty Peacock.

A High-Quality Paper

It kinda goes without saying that you are going to want a high-quality paper to stamp on. You want to make sure that your ink colors come out true and bright. And you also want to ensure that your images are crisp.

With low-quality cardstock, you could end up with washed-out looking ink colors as well as images that aren’t crisp (if the paper is not smooth enough).

My personal preference is Stampin’ Up!’s regular Whisper White cardstock. It is a nice bright white, and it has an ultrasmooth finish.

So now that we’ve gone through the supplies you are going to need, let’s dive into the video.

Technique Video | How To Make Patterned Paper With Stamps, Ink and Paper

If you can’t see the video below, you can watch it directly on YouTube HERE.

Here are some of the cards I created that incorporate custom colored ribbon.

A picture of group of handmade cards that used homemade patterned paper created with Stampin' Up!'s Lovely You Stamp Set.

There you have it friends! I hope you enjoyed this post. And that the tips and techniques I shared will give you some ideas to make your own fun patterned paper designs. My next post will be a video tutorial showing you how to make a card using your patterned paper.

5 thoughts on “Technique Video | How to Make Your Own Patterned Paper”

  1. Lynndorian G Swindell

    I really like your process of creating patterned paper better than stamping all one color then filling in with another color ( which mine never look cohesive). Thank you for sharing this idea, I can see myself using this!

  2. Thank you for the great tips on creating your own pattern paper. I have tried do to this but struggle with color choices.
    The cards you made with it are beautiful.

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